Summer Course 2015


If you made it this far, you are probably interested in applying to BEST Stockholm Summer Course 2015! That is so awesome!


 What is BEST Stockholm Summer Course 2015?

  • Content: Technical project based course course in healthcare applications using Internet of Things.
  • Target group:  European students of technology studying at Universities that have BEST Groups present.
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Duration:  7-15 June 2015


Course Description

In this summer course you’ll explore the theory and practice of IoT. IoT is the idea that artefacts can be infinitely connected and the vast amounts of data the sensors and devices produce can be used, reused and expanded upon to realise novel products and services.

IoT is one of the most rapidly emerging commercial fields within ICT. Products,
services and companies pop up on an almost daily basis, see for example
Ten New IoT Companies Go Live or the slightly ironic The Useless Side of the Internet of Things. To what extent these efforts will be commercially viable, time will tell. But the inventiveness and sense of marvel is apparent.

In this course we want you to reach a deep understanding and knowledge about the concepts through a series of short talks and tutorials, intertwined with longer practical sessions. Learning by doing, epiphany by building.

We’ve teamed up with academic partners that have contributed in defining the field,
and commercial partners for both hardware and software with the longest possible experience in creating tools and solutions for IoT.

To further focus the exploration through development, you’ll have direct access to representatives from innovation entrepreneurs within medicine technology and you’ll work on real-life problems from the healthcare domain.

What you’ll learn:
• The history, theory and practice of IoT
• Get experience in the tools and the methods for developing IoT solutions
• Get experience in needs driven development



This is a preliminary version of the schedule! Updates will mainly follow here


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