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How a BEST Seasonal Course looks like?


# Application deadline for summer courses: 18th of March 23:00 CET 2018.

# How a BEST Seasonal Course looks like?

This summer you can choose between 49 events, which are located in 48 cities of 24 countries

A course lasts for approximately 7-12 days

20-24 participants are accepted to each courses from all over Europe

In case of basic courses you will get know the basics of the course topic, while at advanced courses you can obtain more deep insight on the chosen field.

Cultural programs, games and a lot of different parties make the courses even more fascinating

New experiences, friendships and unforgettable memories are waiting for you


# Sounds nice so far, but you may ask, how much does it cost?

It costs maximum 50 €, which contains:

– The accommodation during the course

– Meals, three times a day

– Some parties and cultural programs are also included

Above that, you only have to pay your travel fees.


# How is it possible?

BEST is a nonprofit international student organization which aims to aid students in improving their knowledge and competences, broadening their horizon and increase their mobility. BEST courses are organized by European university students, for other European students. Our programs are implemented by the help of universities and corporate partners. Those courses are organized for you, take your chances!


# What shall you do, to be accepted to a BEST Seasonal Course?

You have to be a KTH student, with active student status.

You DON’T have to be BEST member.

You have to create an account at the international BEST portal. (

Choose your favorite courses from the course list. (maximum 3)

Write an English motivation letter until the 19th of March! (The letters will be read by university students just like you. Be more creative, original and don’t make it too long. Show them why it is worth to pick you!) Here we give you some useful tips to make it easier for you wink

Validate your account! (You only need to send a photo of your valid student ID to

Now you only have to wait for the results!

If you are accepted, you have to pay a deposit (500 SEK) but you GET IT BACK after the courses!

Pack your stuff!

Enjoy the course and get unforgettable memories!