EBEC 2017

The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), is the biggest engineering contest in Europe with over 5000 participants. Teams of engineering students are challenged to solve tasks in 3 different competition levels, namely Local, Regional and Final rounds. The team which proves to be the most efficient, creative and successful at the end of competition finale is granted the “BEST Engineers of Europe” title.



BEST Engineering Competitions are one of the BEST ways of developing the competences of future engineers. Using creativity, knowledge, social and communication skills, teams of students have to solve a given problem in a limited amount of time. We have different categories for competitions :

  • Team Design, where students must apply knowledge in a practical way : teams have to solve a technical problem by creating a working model/prototype that answers to given criteria.
  • Case Study, focusing on a more theoretical approach to solve a certain problem : teams have to analyse a purely theoretical problem and propose the most effective solutions.


Would you like to go to Czech Republic and meet hundreds of students from all over Europe ? Join the biggest European engineering competition !

Each team must consist of 3-4 persons.

On the first day (Friday, February 24th) during the afternoon, students will take part in discussions (brainstorming and roundtables conversations with experts) about skills other than the technical ones that are necessary in the working place.
On the second day (Saturday, February 25th), students can compete in either Team Design or Case Study during 8 hours.


You don’t need any prior knowledge to apply ! The problem is solvable by engineering students from any field. A jury will evaluate the propositions of the students and elect a winner at the end of the day.

Fika and lunch will be provided during the competition day. The winners from the Case study and Team design will get prices and a place in the Nordic round, which will be held in Lund, Sweden. Don’t hesitate, just apply :