How to write a motivation letter?

# How a BEST Seasonal Course looks like?


In order to be accepted to Summer Course, you have to write a motivation letter. The organizers choose participants according to motivation letters, so we decided to give you some tips about how to write one. A good letter is the key of successful application. wink



Length and structure

The usual length of a motivation letter is around half-, maximum one page. If you take it too short then it shows that your motivation is low. On the other hand a too long motivation letter is also not a good idea. The organizers usually have to read more than 100 applications, in case of a too long letter the reader’s attention decreases approaching to the end. Be straightforward, but write down every necessary thing.

Try to make more paragraphs, distinguish the different parts of the text. Reading a continuous text is not easy, also it is hard to find the different information in a motivation letter, if it’s only one huge paragraph.


Contentpick me

Give a short description about yourself. Who are you, what are you studying, what you are interested in, maybe your hobbies. Don’t be too much detailed, but nor tight-lipped either.

Show your interest towards the topic! It’s totally fine if you study something completely different than the topic of the course. You can be interested in several fields, and the aim of those courses, to learn something new.

Describe why you are picked that course! Prove your interest towards the hosting city, country and culture. Why that place would be special for you, what do you know about it, and what would you like to see and try there.

Draw the reader’s attention! You have to convince the organizers to choose you. If you are funny and original, then they will remember you even after hundreds of other letters. Avoid typical solutions, try to be creative! Some applicants write poems, article style letters or even in a form of a programming code. Of course a normal letter can be good as well, if you can show your individuality in that!

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Above the already mentioned creativity, you should take it easy. Avoid formalities! Remember that it will be students who will read your motivation letter. Typical example of being too formal is the greeting. Forget the “Dear Sir/Madam”, or “To whom it may concern” type of beginnings!


Finally, the questions

You have to answer three questions after the motivation letters. Usually two of them are in connection with the topic while the last one is a general fun question. Try to apply creativity there too. The questions are not hard at all, you can find the answer to them, but try to put your individuality in the answers too.


BEST Stockholm wish you a successful application! smile